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Ebenezer House Dental Care, 164 Victoria Road, Old Town, Swindon SN1 3BU

01793 535 108

Ebenezer House Dental Care, 164 Victoria Road, Old Town, Swindon SN1 3BU

01793 535 108

Ebenezer House Dental Care, 164 Victoria Road, Old Town, Swindon SN1 3BU

01793 535 108

Ebenezer House Dental Care, 164 Victoria Road, Old Town, Swindon SN1 3BU

We are a Private Practice offering routine dentistry for all the family

Family-Friendly Dentists In Swindon

For that warm, winning smile.

A family friendly dental practice. Whether you are looking for a natural beautiful smile, want to have your teeth whitened, need treatment for pain or toothache or simply need a checkup, the Ebenezer team are here to help you get the best possible service in the shortest time.
As one of the premier dental practices in Swindon you will find us within easy reach of the town centre in the Old Town area and have extensive and free parking available for our patients. You may have been serching for dentist near me - with good public transport links, and ample parking, we are your perfect choice for a local dentist in Swindon.

Ebenezer House Dental Care offers an extensive range of treatments and interventions all delivered in a friendly relaxed environment.

Our focus is to ensure our patients get the best and latest dental care by well qualified dentistry experts. We constantly aim to improve our dental practice, through regular staff training, and ensuring we are at the leading edge of dentistry and customer service.

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Looking For Dental Care in Swindon? We're Not Your Average Practice

At Ebenezer House we take pride in knowing all our patients on first name basis; all our staff have been here for many years, we are friendly and welcoming which puts patients at ease from the very first appointment. You will be greeted on reception by Nicki or Sarah our receptionists, and Cerys, our practice manager.

Stephen Tittensor has been here since 1996, he offers a unique approach to orthodontics in that he prefers to use an arch expansion technique rather that remove healthy teeth to create extra space. We use dentistry appliances such as an ALF to create the space, and follow this up with Delta Force fast working fixed braces.

We also offer a white version of this called CFast and for those of you that don't want anything attached to the teeth there is the option for SmileTru. You can read more about this on our information page or give us a call and we will see what might work for you. Steve is supported in surgery by his nurse Laura; she is also a qualified orthodontic nurse.

Matt Jones has been here since 2007, he owns the practice and concentrates on the cosmetic dentistry for improvements to your smile. He has years of experience and a particularly good eye when it comes to crown and bridge work and cosmetic fillings. He is always happy to discuss options with you as you may be surprised at the improvements that can be made relatively simply. He is supported in surgery by his nurse Kelly. Matt is also a member of the Joint Dental Faculties of the Royal College of Surgeons.

We have 2 Dental Hygienists; Jill and Jo who have been here for many years.  They are dedicated to looking after the oral health of our patients using the latest GBT technology (Guided Biofilm Therapy) . They do much more than the simple scale and polish that you may have had done by your dentist in the past, they work to treat and help to prevent gum disease by removing the bio-film, plaque and calculus that you are unable to remove yourself. They can then guide you in the best way, using methods that are best suited to you for use at home.

Whether you want routine dental care for all the family or cosmetic dentistry procedures including cosmetic crown, bridge and veneer work and professional tooth whitening using the Colgate Max White One, we are here to advise and give you all the options available. In our dental practice we only place white composite fillings; amalgam is used in very rare circumstances when white filling material wouldn't be suitable.

You may be interested in dental implants ; we work with two implantologists that we really feel are exceptional in what they do. Once they have completed the placement of the dental implants and given time for healing we then complete the restoration - which is the crown on top. This gives the best of both worlds, highly equipped specialist surgeons for the implant placement and the convenience and trust in having your own Swindon dentist a part of the treatment. If you are interested in this type of restoration then we can discuss all options at a consultation in our practice.

We look forward to meeting you and giving you the kind of treatment that will change the way you feel about coming to the dentist . You will be happy to come and see us every 6 months! Check out out our customer testimonials .


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