Treating Gum Disease

Posted on 30th January 2017

At Ebenezer House Dental Care we constantly encourage all our patients to maintain a thorough oral hygiene routine, to include the use of an electric toothbrush and interdental cleaning tools. When you visit us for your check ups and hygiene visits we will let you know of any early warning signs of gum disease and encourage you to maintain the very best cleaning routine to stay healthy.

Some patients have a higher level of risk from gum disease and in the past this hasn’t always been detected and patients haven’t been educated about the risks. The patients you meet in this video have all learnt the hard way, that gum disease can be debilitating and a constant threat and that a daily cleaning routine is the only way of keeping the disease under control.

When we treat a new patient we will spend time showing you the best cleaning routine to help stabilise and maintain your oral health. This routine will be time consuming and tedious but it does work. When treating you we will always refer back to your cleaning routine and encourage you every step of the way.

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